2021 Trends To Watch Out in Salesforce Ecosystem


As one of the top CRM solutions worldwide, Salesforce keeps helping businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers and potential clients through advanced cloud technology.

Considering the changing market demands in customer requirements, salesforce answers all the needs of different company domains to serve them better.

But how about the emerging trends around salesforce to keep an eye on 2021?

Let’s take a look!

Advanced data analytics for better customer experience

In order to improve the business processes and functions for companies, Salesforce constantly focuses on accurate data sets and analytics for the best customer experience. 

Through those data sets, business owners now know their customers and target audience more than ever before!

They know what they like to serve them better and build a more resilient future purchase pattern to support their growth scenario.

All in all, your data means better targeting and better implementation around valuable sales and service processes.

Artificial Intelligence for a better customer engagement

In 2021 we see that many companies adopt Artificial Intelligence for a better CRM activity, considering the enormous impact on product configuration, customer segmentation and activity analysis.

Salesforce Einstein helps companies to increase productivity and customer engagement through incredible marketing predictions!

It gives answers to the most critical questions regarding the KPI’s and business goals. 

In the end, the real value is to make correct decisions with the help of accurate data through Einstein Intelligence and drive revenue generation.

Voice technologies become essential for virtual sales

With the help of the fast adoption of virtual sales methodologies, salespeople now have to interact with their prospects and clients in a remote selling base. 

In this case, the better our adoption enables them to minimize the turnaround time for sales inquiries with better customer satisfaction. 

But some of the latest developments in the IT sector show us that more is needed around voice-based mobile applications. 


Because speech recognition is a trending field around sales and service to understand more about the customer mindset.

And of course, people are using voice assistance like chatbots and smart speakers to get engage with sales representatives on different mediums these days.

User experience leads a better remote communication.

Last year, many companies had some challenges with remote communication and focused more on providing effective collaboration for their teams. 

Of course, Salesforce came as the savior as it solved the complex workflows, complicated capabilities and time-wasting tasks through more efficient user workflows!

Changing dynamics of digital communication lead companies to adopt new ways of selling through their social media platforms, web and mobile apps.

Salesforce provided the best components of the developed apps for companies to fulfill their customer requirements.

Companies are adopting marketing tactics more than ever before!

Marketing automation empowers businesses to achieve their target goals. 

In this case, we saw a great demand in Salesforce Marketing Cloud as it inspires meaningful moments with relevant and empathetic digital marketing.

By integrating the marketing data with the CRM platform, business owners now see everything in one place.

Of course, the real-time AI insights show the right way to manage opportunities and take the right actions to find new target audiences. 

Now potential customers are expected to be reached out with the right message at the right time with the right tone of voice, and Salesforce provides that experience.

2021 is an exciting year for digitalization as there’ll be continually evolving and the augmented automation level.

What’s more important is to provide the right tools and channels to support the collaboration between the departments to lead to the achievement of more significant revenues.

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