3 Things to Consider Where You Should Work as a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developer career

It is no surprise that Salesforce developer position has a very high demand! No matter what type of organization they would like to join, there will be always great opportunities for them all around the world. For that purpose, a lot of Salesforce developers either works at end-user organizations, which means Salesforce using companies or […]

4 Benefits You Can Get Through Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration with Vesium

With the pandemic outbreak, the demand for salesforce integration services has increased dramatically.  Companies require integration services more than ever before now. And these projects require a high level of technical knowledge within Salesforce. Also the fact is, companies have the urge to integrate their systems as soon as possible to provide the best unified […]

Boost Your ROI with Salesforce Managed Services

Vesium can help you increase ROI with Managed Services for Salesforce.

With the Salesforce ecosystem expanding at such a rapid rate, many companies have the challenge of staying on top of all the latest features and functions. Today, customers are more demanded than ever before, and providing support is essential to survive in this hugely competitive environment. Especially if you’re a part of a growing company, […]

Ready for Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release? (Dates & Preview Info)

Time passes so fast regarding the improvements and new features that Salesforce announces! Every month we hear from Salesforce that something exciting is upcoming. Regarding the current state of the world and consumers’ expectations, Salesforce updates solutions to serve the customers better. As you probably remember, we got a bunch of new features in Spring […]

2021 Trends To Watch Out in Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce 2021 Trends

As one of the top CRM solutions worldwide, Salesforce keeps helping businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers and potential clients through advanced cloud technology. Considering the changing market demands in customer requirements, salesforce answers all the needs of different company domains to serve them better. But how about the emerging trends around […]

Why You Should Utilize CPQ For a Better Remote B2B Sales Experience

With the help of the CPQ, now companies have more efficient, customized and targeted customer journeys!

Digital adoption in B2B is one of the hot topics lately as especially with the pandemic outbreak a lot of B2B companies adopted virtual sales models and implemented new digital platforms. Meanwhile, Salesforce designed Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution to boost the remote selling experience and leave the practices of traditional sales far behind […]

TrailheaDX is Alive Now For Salesforce Admins, Developers, Consultants & Architects!

Salesforce Admins, Developers, Consultants & Architects Gather Around: TrailheaDX is Alive For You!

What is TrailheaDX? Salesforce platform builders, we have some good news for you! TrailheadDX is now alive to bring back the community!  Unlike Dreamforce, which aims to produce content for everyone out there in the Salesforce ecosystem, TrailheadDX has been created explicitly for Devs, admins, architects, partners, and IT leaders to show the latest product […]

3 Reasons Why CPQ Scales Your Sales Process

Salesforce CPQ

What is Salesforce CPQ? CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote and it’s an extension of your CRM to create structured and scalable sales processes. So, CPQ is responsible for the whole product purchase process with product variants and prices based on buyer specifications. It allows your sales reps to sell the right product combinations […]

Why SMBs should trust DATA instead of OPINIONS?

Salesforce Sales Cloud for SMBs

Most of the time from our clients that have not yet implemented a CRM solution for their businesses, we saw many other missed opportunities around their revenue growth! In this case, we examined their main motivation around the way they did business and after deploying the digitized processes for them, here is what we learned […]

How Sales Cloud Makes Your Business Leap to the Next Stage?

Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview

Say Hi to Salesforce Sales Cloud Sales Cloud is a cloud-based CRM application from Salesforce that includes some useful contact management tools, sales automation, forecasting, and productivity. It enables you to build business resilience and if you like to get some actionable insights about your business, this is the right address for you. Always know […]