Why SMBs should trust DATA instead of OPINIONS?


Most of the time from our clients that have not yet implemented a CRM solution for their businesses, we saw many other missed opportunities around their revenue growth!

In this case, we examined their main motivation around the way they did business and after deploying the digitized processes for them, here is what we learned according to their experience!

Opinions are valuable but data is priceless!

The power of data is priceless so we saw that many C-levels were enabled to let their opinions get in the way of the data!

Clean data is the first initial step of the growth

Also, capturing, interpreting and reporting data in a very clean manner and decide what’s next is the best to optimize business workflows was just amazing.

So, making informed business decisions off data is a must for companies cause data won’t lie!

Clear Goals & Reporting is essential

Setting specific goals & KPIs around the sales targets was more than helpful for the companies especially with Salesforce because they have now a more in-depth snapshot of the tactics that lead to more sales.

Now they have all they need for product penetration, average revenue per sale, the average time of sales cycle and closing rate to build a better sales pipeline with Salesforce!

Let’s develop a better sales process together!

No worries. Our Salesforce expert team can help you implement and customize Salesforce Sales Cloud and help you build features to custom-guided selling applications!

Get in touch with us for more details: hello@vesium.com

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