Ready for Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release? (Dates & Preview Info)


Time passes so fast regarding the improvements and new features that Salesforce announces!

Every month we hear from Salesforce that something exciting is upcoming.

Regarding the current state of the world and consumers’ expectations, Salesforce updates solutions to serve the customers better.

As you probably remember, we got a bunch of new features in Spring ’21 with the Salesforce Release but now we’re happy to announce Summer ’21 is around the corner!

There are two crucial things that you should know to get prepared for this release:

💙 Prepare your sandbox
💙 Find out when exactly your instance get upgraded

Release Date of Salesforce Summer ’21

Of course, the release date will be dependent on your instance but the major releases will be held on 15 May, 4 June and 11-12 June 2021.

Don’t forget to test your primary use cases to ensure that their systems are working smoothly without any problem.

You can always check Salesforce Trust to find out more about your instance around the exact dates of the release.

Sandbox Preview Information of Summer ’21

You will test your system on the new release, so you should definitely know how and when your sandbox will be upgraded.

The first upgrade of the sandbox preview will happen on 8 May 2021, so watch out!

In order to check the release notes, follow this link and head over to Salesforce Help.

We’ll be updating you on the features and upgrades around Salesforce Products, so stay tuned!

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