5 Reasons to Embrace Managed Services for Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the most effective and versatile business tools currently available. The use of Salesforce is continuously growing, making it easy to engage with customers. 

However, frequent updates, new features, and even the initial transition of using Salesforce can be challenging and trick for many people. Without the proper support and maintenance, Salesforce can turn into a headache-inducing platform rather than a problem-solving one.

In a nutshell, while Salesforce is the best known and most powerful CRM software globally, it is only useful when properly maintained and updated. 

Managed Services for Salesforce

The managed service model has proven to be highly effective for businesses over the years. 

This model employs a proactive philosophy. It focuses on prevention before issues can disrupt employees, interfere with the management or derail revenue pipelines. It uses systems that signal problems as soon they develop and identify risks that need to be addressed before those problems even develop in the first place.

Luckily, managed services exist to direct and assume responsibility for a set of systems for clients through information and technology. 

With no necessity to set up office infrastructure or hire employees in-house, SMBs and organizations have truly embraced this highly valuable, flexible, and efficient model for the on-demand services model. 

Managed Services allows professionals to help with any challenge that may come up with the use of Salesforce.

Everything from custom development, administrative tasks, bug fixes, end-user training, release management, data migration, and more — your managed service provider assigns the resources you need to handle your current, specific issues and ensure that you’re always taking advantage of the most effective tools, processes, and practices available.

Many small to mid-sized companies smartly use the services of an outsourced professional services team either to act as the primary administrator or support someone on the internal team who is handling that role. 

When we consider the ability to leverage a fully-staffed Salesforce admin team’s expertise for often much less cost than it would take to hire in-house resources.

So, the business benefits of managed services, combined with the money that can be saved, is a smart solution for companies of any size. 

5 Business Benefits of Managed Services

🏹 It’s Cost-Effective

Because Salesforce is a cutting-edge 360 scale platform, Salesforce certified specialists are highly trained, in-demand and often charge a premium. Also, finding experienced, effective, and certified team members can be tricky, especially if you’re not capable enough in the world of Salesforce to know what’s important, what to look for, what to ask, and what to avoid.  

With a Salesforce Managed Services provider, you pay as you go. 

With remote Salesforce management under expert professionals, firms experience higher returns with minimum investment. 

You can have Salesforce support when you need it and that you’re not paying for it when you don’t!

🏹 It’s a Proactive Solution for Continuous Updates

With three new releases each year, continually evolving and improving functionality, and an ever-expanding product line, the most effective Salesforce org is anything but stagnant. 

When you work with a Salesforce managed service provider, you’re getting an entire team of experts – not just one well-rounded developer. 

The Salesforce Managed Service professionals adopt a proactive approach to handling employee data management, workflow, and low-performing Salesforce features.

🏹 Efficient for Your Business Processes 

Right after you implement Salesforce in your business setup, the anteriority is to bring efficiency in processes. 

When you work with a Salesforce Managed Service provider, you have a separate team focused on ensuring that your Salesforce product is running efficiently for your business. 

The managed service experts help in Salesforce implementation and configure Salesforce, customize the modules, and integrate third-party applications to boost the performance of the cloud product in question.

With a Managed Services solution, your tech investment is protected and you’re always on the cutting edge in terms of efficiency, training, and best-practices.

🏹 It’s Flexible based on Your Expertise

You never have to worry that you’re missing the right tool for the job with managed services. 

Instead of hiring a full-time admin and a full-time developer, you’ve got access to talented individuals in every role. 

By paying on an hourly/project basis, businesses not only save potentially higher in-house costs but also leverage the expertise of multiple skilled professionals. 

So whenever you need work done, whether once a week or once a quarter, the team is ready to deliver a great solution on time.

🏹 It’s Scalable

The price tag associated with maintaining an in-house data and technology team is a big one, and that’s why you often see teams that are understaffed, overworked, and unable to get everything done due to a lack of time and resources. 

Especially when your company is trying to expand, this may be a big issue. An effective Salesforce department, staffed by experts that can grow right alongside your business, ensures that no matter how quickly you expand, you’ll never outrun your systems. And that scalability also empowers you to make more regular, iterative adjustments based on your needs. 

In short, managed services provide expert help that can adapt to your needs, scale with your organization, and empower proactive tech management and maintenance.  Due to the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and expertise of managed service experts, firms realize higher business efficiencies without having to hire an in-house team.

Using Salesforce Managed Services could be the best, most strategic decision your growing company can make.

Take Action For Your Business

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