How to Boost Sales with Consumer Goods Cloud


Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before and the consumer journey itself has evolved. According to Salesforce, the consumer goods industries will change more in the next 10 years than they have over the past 40! 

Today, every single one of us undergoes a different digital journey when we’re making a purchasing decision!

In this competitive landscape, it’s not surprising that developing agility is significant for success. 

Hopefully, with Consumer Goods Cloud, companies can boost sales & performance productivity in 6 ways! 

Reduce Time & Engage in Smart Visit Planning

It’s time for managing sales territories at scale!

As it can be challenging to make the most out of every minute, you should streamline your business with the logical store, in-store location, and product groupings. 

Visit Right Stores At The Right Time

Tools to manage territory assignments and scheduling at scale combined with geo-visualization and geo-tracking for field accountability.

Increase Selling Time With Optimal Routing

This solution enables consumer goods companies with a solution they need the field reps to be in the stores right at the time for their business impact.

Deliver the Perfect Shelf, Faster!

Promotion and merchandising can vary by store location, tracking and retail compliance can be tricky. That is why you should be configuring your activity lists to boost productivity with insights & task assignments.

Increase Merchandising & Ensure Planogram Compliance

Consumer Goods Cloud boosts merchandising and ensures planogram compliance with automated activities and Artificial Intelligence.

You can quickly scan shelves and displays with Einstein Vision for Consumer Good Cloud. 

This means less time checking for compliance and more time partnering with retailers to increase sales!

Ensure Stock Availability With Mobile Auditing

All you need is to make sure the top-selling items are always in stock! 

Consumer Goods Cloud provides information field reps they need to sell more effectively. 

Through mobile auditing, you can monitor status with mobile-first inventory audits and drive sales and share of the shelf with custom KPIs!

Recap: What is so great about Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud?

🔸 The #1 CRM for Consumer Goods transforms channel partner & consumer relationships with automation and AI-driven insights. 

🔸 The single platform enables you to get everyone on the same page with real-time collaboration. That means, no more alignment issues between key account managers and reps in the field. 

🔸 Reduces complexity and increases agility with faster innovation. The system securely connects to any app, data, or device with API-led integration.

🔸 Helps B2B companies to manage key accounts, optimize retail execution and transform commerce experience.

🔸 Helps B2B companies to manage key accounts, optimize retail execution and transform commerce experience.

🔸 Helps B2C companies to drive consumer engagement, elevate customer care and unify B2C commerce experience.

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