How to Generate More Revenue by Increasing Sales Rep’s Productivity in Salesforce?


Do you know the fact that salespeople today spend less than a third of their time on actual sales while spending more time on administrative tasks surrounding sales and demand generation?

Today’s modern & customer-focused sales teams are focused on providing value to prospects, coaching their team members to increase productivity, and building predictable business processes that drive growth and acquire customers.

However, in most organizations, sales representatives actually need a scorecard to keep track of the technology they’re supposed to use! 

Unfortunately, they have been demanding tools to serve more functions than simply managing relationships with customers. 

When you imagine all the actions expected from reps like logging all the activities to CRM, email tracking, document sharing, adding marketing automation, lead scoring, forecasting and so on, it’s almost impossible to be totally focused on sales.

And this is not only a challenge for sales reps but also executives and managers are unable to get a single view of the entire process.

How to Solve the Challenge of Sales Reps through Smart Selling?

While looking for a solution to overcome these challenges, generally we make another mistake. We try to maximize each disparate system’s efficiency, which makes things less efficient and usually slower.

Actually, all we need is to have a single system of the truth. 

If sales agents will eliminate using multiple apps, but a single system that is fully connected natively to the “database of truth.”, let’s say Salesforce, things get easier!

Here is the Magic: Inside Sales Engagement Software for Salesforce

You probably have a good idea of how inside sales engagement software can benefit you as a salesperson. But the main question is, which one?!

In a world where sales reps struggle to make quota, ringDNA offers a complete inside sales engine that enables Salesforce customers to boost sales productivity!

5 advantages of the Sales acceleration engine that helps inside sales teams prioritize, connect with, and convert more customers!

👉 Increased Sales Productivity

Inside sales engagement software allows sales professionals to automate communication with leads and make the most of the limited selling time they have.

👉 Sales Playbook Execution 

Creating Sales Playbook Execution investing time and money, but consider the increase in revenue from more deals won with it, and the lost opportunities you could have won had an effective sales playbook been in place.

👉 Sales Insight 

Insight Sellers reframe their customers thinking so that they can sell value and differentiate their product. Sales Insights help also to know your customers discover problems (or opportunities).

👉 Sales performance 

These facts are why sales leaders plan to invest in sales engagement software to help their teams connect with more customers and close more deals.

👉 Sales Coaching 

Thanks to the sales coaching, you can promote individual rep’s development, improves job performance, and reduces unnecessary learning time. Another key benefit is that sales coaching helps retain top performers. The sales coaching helps also reps who are already high performers become even more effective and successful.

Would you like to learn more about maximizing the B2B cycles on Salesforce?

If your company plans to keep your reps’ activities in Salesforce, where they already spend most of their time, we are uniquely equipped to support you.

Imagine every action takes place in the same tool, fully integrated with Salesforce, without needing to jump to another software.

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