3 Reasons To Use Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists



We are excited to let you know about a new feature Salesforce is currently rolling out in Beta.

Salesforce’s latest feature, Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists, is a powerful tool that can help Salesforce users like yourselves to boost their productivity exponentially. With this new feature, it becomes much easier and faster to update multiple records in one action, allowing Salesforce users to save countless hours of manual data entry and allowing you to focus those efforts elsewhere. 

3 Reasons ‘Mass Quick Actions’ Is a great addition to Salesforce

  1. Quickly Update Mass Records

    The Mass Quick Actions feature allows you to quickly update up to two hundred related records in one go, saving hours on repetitive tasks by providing the ability to update common values across many records at once quickly. This could be anything from updating a status field or any custom fields available within the system. You can even apply formulas when updating record fields with Mass Quick Actions. 

    1. You Don’t Need to be an Expert!

      The ease of use of the Mass Quick Action feature makes it possible for even less experienced Salesforce users to take advantage of this powerful tool. With this new feature, Salesforce users can create quick actions they have defined in advance and easily apply them across related objects without going through individual records one by one. This helps make more efficient use of time and resources and reduces the potential for errors due to manual inputting.

    2. Automated Actions

      In addition, Mass Quick Actions also allow you to set up automated actions across related objects that can be triggered based on workflow rules or approval processes set up in advance. This means that any changes you make using Mass Quick Actions will be reflected instantly everywhere they are needed, removing any need for manual intervention and helping ensure data accuracy across all your objects.

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    Overall, Salesforce’s Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta) is an incredibly useful tool that can save time and resources and reduce the potential for errors by allowing users to make changes across multiple related objects in one go quickly.

    If you have any questions about how it can help you or how you implement this, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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    You can read more about how to set up mass quick actions – here.

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