Ready for the April 2021 Release on the Marketing Cloud?


The April 2021 Marketing Cloud release is on the corner!

It will occur from the 10th of April to the 17th of April 2021.

Here are some of the new features coming by the April 2021 Marketing Cloud Release:

💥 Customer 360 Connector with Tableau

💥 Interaction Studio Surveys

💥 Datorama Multi-Touch Attribution App

💥 Data Quality Metrics for Einstein Send Time Optimization, Einstein Engagement Frequency, and Einstein Engagement Scoring

💥 Marketing Cloud Package Manager

💥 Datorama Marketing Insights for Sales Cloud App

Release Notes: Marketing Cloud App & Setup 

1. Marketing Cloud Package Manager for Admins! 

Dear Salesforce Admins, this is something great for you! 

Exporting and importing fully configured automations, data models, journeys and content is possible with the Marketing Cloud Package Manager.  

Now, you can deploy fully configured items from any Marketing Cloud instance to another faster than ever before.

2. You’ll need Tenant Specific Endpoints for integrations into Marketing Cloud

As Salesforce is committed to customer trust and security, users need to update their legacy stack-specific endpoints (REST, SOAP, Single Sign On (SSO), Mobile Push, and Secure FTP) with tenant-specific endpoints.

3. Clickjacking protection is enabled by default for all Marketing Cloud accounts

No more malicious pages in the background to access confidential information! This release also removes the enablement option is removed from the Security Settings and this protection benefits all users. 

4. You can import Amazon S3 Data into Marketing Cloud

Defining an AWS S3 bucket as a file location source is now possible to import the data into Marketing Cloud as an alternative for FTP users who already house data inside AWS.

Release Notes: Cross-Cloud Integrations

Auto Send, the collaborative campaign feature, is now available in the April 2021 Marketing Cloud release.

You need permission set to set up an Auto Send for a campaign. All campaign members not yet sent to and not part of a scheduled or bulk send can be added to the linked journey with the selected date and time.

Release Notes: Data Management

The Google Analytics tracking results appear in the Journey Analytics dashboard and from there, you can find out more about the improvements!

You can see the latest features and updates from Customer 360 Audiences with all of your customer data, segmentation, and activation tools for a personalized engagement. 

Also, there are some changes in the  Interaction Studio and you can check out the New in Interaction Studio topic in the Evergage Knowledge Base.

Release Notes: Einstein

Einstein helps you understand your data quality for the Marketing products. In this case, the data quality metrics are now available for you!

You can now target the specific content selected by Einstein and add or upload assets with new upload options so easily. 

Plus, Einstein Messaging Insights now gives more contextual insights through the journey.

Release Notes: Journeys and Messages

1. You can drive real-time journey experiences by using Wait Until API Event Activity

By enabling an external event to trigger an action in mid-journey, you can provide a real-time experience for your contacts.

You can keep your contacts until an event like a purchase occurs before proceeding with the following action. You can now create customized experiences for contacts who didn’t take the specific activity within a particular timeframe.

2. You can see the recent contact history in Journey Builder

Identifying the trends in contact and evaluating the errors become very easy by viewing up to 30 days of contacts processed in any activity in Journey Builder.

3. MobilePush Support for iOS .p12 Certificates

MobilePush customers can now choose using either the recommended .p8 Auth Key or the .p12 certificate when sending push notifications on Apple’s upgraded HTTP/2 sending service.

4. Sending no more WhatsApp Messages to the opted-out contacts

If a WhatsApp contact is flagged as opted out, Journey Builder automatically removes the contact from the audience source and doesn’t send a message to them. So, it’s beneficial to eliminate the unnecessary costs for being charged for every message sent from Marketing Cloud to WhatsApp.

5. 14 days of Contact Deletes Default Suppression is changing to 2 day

Yes, this is also coming with the new release. 

Not yet, but in about 6 months!

6. Journey Analytics Dashboard has updated!

Now the dashboard has a cleaner layout as they condensed the onscreen space and the settings menu for a more data-intensive look. In the panel, you can do everything in one place.

If you want to have a better understanding of the new features and in-depth look for the Marketing Cloud Release, don’t forget to join the webinar conducted by Salesforce on  22th of April 2021!

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