Salesforce Introduces Revenue Cloud to Speed Up B2B Sales Cycles & Revenue


Salesforce introduced Revenue Cloud, which stands for simplifying the B2B sales cycles no matter how complex your revenue process is! 

What’s fantastic is Revenue Cloud brings together CPQ & Billing, Partner Relationship Management & B2B Commerce capabilities to help businesses take control of their revenue growth and improve forecasting data. 🚀

Now, it’s easier to connect from partners to operations, sales teams and finance for creating a single & unified platform for revenue and customer transactions, from purchase to renewal to revenue recognition.

Let’s dive into some details!

What is Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud merges different sales channels to provide your business with a seamless experience!

The channels your customer interacts with could include directly with your sales team, through partners, and or digital storefronts.

The main idea is connecting the CPQ-B2B Commerce to allow organizations to customize digital storefronts for complex B2B selling. Also, they can add configurable pricing to digital carts for a self-service experience.

Find the New Monetization Strategies Below

👉 Industry-specific Solutions for Revenue Workflows

As you know, high-velocity sales are designed to speed up the sales process for inside sales, sales development, and business development teams.

It was developed to improve inside sales productivity, particularly with reps who generally spend a lot of time making sales calls in mind.

With Velocity’s new technology, specific workflows related to revenue unique to particular industries are provided for businesses.

👉 Multi-Cloud Billing

With Multi-Cloud Billing, companies can create streams from other clouds to upset or generate revenue from onsite services. 

👉 Revenue Cloud Quick Starts

Now, organizations can quickly launch a subscription offering from start to finish in a total of eight weeks!

Benefits of using Salesforce Revenue Cloud

👉 Improving Visibility on Payment Balances

With the Salesforce Revenue Cloud, now sales reps have the visibility into customer purchases for more strategic Interactions. Let’s say a sales rep can now see the payment balances or consumption limits for customers. 

👉 Boosting Revenue Through Automation

Through automation, companies can remove the burden from teams tasked with manual approvals, data reconciliation and transcriptions of orders from one system to another.

With the Salesforce Revenue Cloud, organizations can prevent losing revenue by avoiding underbilling for services or incorrectly tracking changes to a contract.

👉 Customer Asset Lifecycle Management

Through this new tool, people working for the organization can track Revenue Analytics visual dashboard of everything a customer has purchased with all contract amendments over time and open balances.

As the dashboards provide CROs and revenue operations teams a single source of truth on all revenue data, customizing KPIs to achieve the revenue goal is not a big headache.

Take Action for Your Business!

As the COVID-19 hit many business’ revenue cycles, now it’s high time to forecast the reliable data to meet the changing demands of B2B buyers.

With the tightened budgets, B2B buyers now expect easy, fast, and flexible purchasing options through an excellent digital buying experience. So, your reps should be ready to provide personal help via phone and adjust their contract quickly, and we can help you deploy that technology!

We help you get the expertise you need if you are considering Salesforce, need an implementation tune-up, advanced customization, or simply wish to explore additional functionality.

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