Salesforce Spring ’21 Release: 6 Best Features For You!


Dear Salesforce Admins, Developers & Consultants, are you ready for the Spring release with new features and tools to make our customers happy this season?

Spring ’21 release has arrived! As you know know that three times a year Salesforce ecosystem evolves to provide us with new tools and sometimes new challenges!

Let’s dive into some details about what’s waiting for us!

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Date

The Spring Release’s main dates are Jan 16th, Feb 6th, 12th & 13th, but it really depends on your instance of Salesforce.

After finding out the instance your production Org is located on, you can jump to Salesforce Trust and click on your instance name, and hit “Maintenances.” That’s how you find out the date of the Salesforce Spring ’21 release for your Org.

Don’t forget to check out when your Sandbox will be upgraded because that’s how to test your system on the new release.

Salesforce Spring ’21 Updates

1. Manual Record Sharing

Manual Record Sharing is now becoming a standard Lightning feature, which enables your users to share their records using a standard Lightning UI. Now they can access the opportunity as ‘Read’ or ‘Read Write’ to other users.

2. Time Based Flow Actions

According to Salesforceben, Flow is expected to be the ONLY tool that a functional Admin uses to create Salesforce automation. Now you can set time-based actions from within a Record-Triggered Flow, exactly like Process Builder can.

3. Multi-Column Support / Screen Element Layout Changes

In a Flow, Screen Flows allow user data to be used and now through the Spring ’21 release, admins will be able to configure screens and use wider monitors by adding columns into a Screen. It’s a configurable layout with 12 columns to be added.

4. Prior Values Access on the Flows

With Spring ’21, accessing prior values of records is possible not only for developers through Apex anymore!

5. Localization Support in Lightning App Builder

Users can have their custom labels for Lightning Components to translate Lightning Components into different languages.

6. Deleting Managed Flow Version

Before Spring ’21 release, you needed to uninstall the package to remove a Flow Version that was installed from a first-generation managed package. Now, you can delete the Flow Version without uninstalling the rest of the package!

Summary of Spring ’21 Release

We tried to show some features of Spring ‘21 but don’t relax just yet!

Of course, there’s so much more than that and we might find ourselves in such a fruitful year with even more new features coming our way!

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