We’re Excited to Announce Tekna has Rebranded as Vesium!


Say Hi to Vesium!

We are happy to announce that we’ve rebranded as Vesium with our new logo and website to provide our customers with a brand unique experience!

Vesium marks an essential milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect our mission globally as we move forward into an exciting future.

For us, rebranding is not only states for changing a new logo, but so much more.

We refreshed our mindset to focus on reflecting better the way we help our clients to be more productive.

Our refined mission statement reflects what we have always known best for ourselves – to help people make smarter decisions with our customer-centric services & flexible solutions!

So, our new brand reflects our happy customers and their accomplishments.

Our journey so far

Since day one, we have had the vision to create the kind of company that empowers individuals and teams to do their best work based on trust & courage.

Since 2015, we have experienced tremendous growth in Turkey as we are the winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ Turkey | 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019.

As one of the leading IT companies, we have been in Salesforce’s reselling market, providing tailored solutions for our clients for many years.

We enabled our enterprise-level customers for digital transformation with valuable customer portfolio like Philip Morris, Coca Cola & Pernod Ricard.

We’ve learned so much from our customers.

Today, we are more prominent than ever!

Now we take the opportunity to evolve our brand to realign with our refined value proposition and vision!

Our new logo

Our new logo marks the next phase in our journey with the modernized digital transformation!

Our logomark consists of a sharp form that reflects professionalism and soft, energetic colors that add human essence.

And our logotype has a modern, dynamic and approachable look with all small caps letters and a colorful accent!

We believe our new logo will represent our mindset behind being a trusted business partner for a brighter tomorrow.

Our mission for a brighter tomorrow

We are Salesforce Consulting Partner providing our customer-centric services & flexible solutions to businesses based in Europe!

Through our mission statement, our aim is to reflect our appreciation of challenges people likely to face in business.

And that is why we consider ourselves as their trustworthy friend & long-term business partner for strategy, process consulting and implementation.

We exist to help them solve their problems and meet their business requirements within Salesforce.

Our core values

👉 We are human-centric – we sound like a human.

👉 We are customer-driven – we grow by making our customers successful in their jobs.

👉 We are transparent – we share our story, our challenges, and our strengths with our clients.

👉 We learn from our customers – we love feedbacks & open communication.

Our corporate language & tone of voice

From now on, our corporate language is English, as our mission is to help businesses on a global scale.

We love tech, but we also do love people. We love touching people’s emotions. So, we are genuine and expressive!

We position ourselves as a friend and a business partner in the long run. So, all we care about is providing real value. In this case, we do not try to impress people with fancy and complicated words.

We write like we talk.

Some facts about us

🔸 We design and develop unique solutions within Salesforce.

🔸 We make our customer’s scale with a structured cloud-based setup.

🔸 We boost our customer’s productivity with a transparent system.

🔸 We help our customers say goodbye to disconnected spreadsheets.

🔸 We increase consumer retention through continuous testing & measuring.

🔸 We help our customers increase their return on investment. (ROI)

🔸 We help our customers focus on growing their business as we do the rest!

🔸 We give them peace of mind on resolving issues with our Salesforce gurus.

🔸 We never give the promises we can’t take.

🔸 We’re based at two business centers in the world; Amsterdam & İstanbul.

Thanks for trusting us unconditionally and we promise we’ll do our best to make you happy in business!

If you have any questions about Vesium, please get in touch with us!