What is High Velocity Sales? (Best Practices)


The power of Salesforce lies mainly in the structuring of its CRM and in the innovative use of the different modules that can be integrated.

These modules improve sales teams’ productivity, help administrators with management, and facilitate developers’ work.

Among all the modules that the world leader in CRM software has released in recent years, there’s one that has particularly caught the attention: High-Velocity Sales.

What is High Velocity Sales?

High-Velocity Sales is designed to speed up the sales process for inside sales, sales development, and business development teams.

Through a combination of phone integration, artificial intelligence (AI), and a single-pane-of-glass view, high-velocity sales help you to avoid the time waste of switching between different apps.

High-Velocity Sales helps you lead your remote sales team and streamline your sales processes.

It was developed to improve inside sales productivity, particularly with reps who generally spend a lot of time making sales calls in mind.

What is the goal of High Velocity Sales?

High Velocity Sales stands to enable companies to be more effective in:

⚡ Opportunity prioritization

⚡ Carrying out their sales process

⚡ Task management

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Building Sales Cadences & Automated Sequences in Salesforce

To stay competitive, using a sales cadence/sequence or automated sales messages must have these days as a sales rep needs an average of eight touches before actually contact with a lead.

Considering these touches need to occur across at least three channels, keeping up with buyer preferences becomes a challenge.

To ensure that all sales reps perform through the cadence, their outcomes need to be recorded in the system.

According to ringDNA, one of the most significant advantages of a cadence or sales sequence built directly in Salesforce is that it keeps your reps in your system of record, where they already spend most of their time.

It also ensures that all actions performed through the cadence and their outcomes are recorded in Salesforce. That means reports, dashboards, and updates all take place in the same tool, instead of needing to jump to yet another software. This also means you can cleanly tie your cadence decision-making to business results, such as revenue or demos booked.

That brings us to the other important reason to keep your cadences in Salesforce: it reduces “tool overload.” The more tools you add to your team’s sales stack that they need to learn and maintain, the less effective they become. This is known as “context switching,” which can eat up to 80% of a worker’s productive time. Reducing your sales team’s need for context switching between tools helps their brain focus more.

Advantages of Creating Sequences of Sales Activities

By creating sequences of sales activities,

🟣 Sales managers can create the perfect sales process to bring out the best in their reps and make every sales success easy to repeat.

🟣 Managers can quickly make personalize schedules and get best practices out to their team with a few clicks, adding new steps to the process, like automated email sends, with templates to keep reps point with messaging.

🟣 They can define different branches of steps based on call results or specific prospect engagements like email replies.

🟣 Sales reps can receive new lead assignments in their work.

🟣 With all their tools in one place, reps can work through their prioritized to-do list more efficiently, scheduling an email to send at the right time, personalizing an email based on the context of the deal, or making a call using lightning dialer or your telephony system of choice.

🟣 Call scripts make it easy to stick to the right pitch, and all activities are automatically logged in Salesforce.

🟣 Sales leaders can get an overview of their business with out-of-the-box dashboards, specifically for inside sales, so they can optimize their processes, coach their teams, and boost productivity.

How to put High Velocity Sales in place & maximize the value of Salesforce?

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