What is Salesforce?


As a cloud-based customer relationship platform, Salesforce brings companies and customers together with a single view of information.

Different than local CRM’s out there, Salesforce has grown to provide a much wider range of services than basics. That’s why it is known a 360-scale Customer Success platform and world’s leading CRM platform!

Salesforce platform comes with a variety of additional tools and functionalities for marketing, commerce, sales, and service, in addition to a comprehensive platform and dynamic community of users and partners.

Unlike the majority of other CRM providers, Salesforce offers products that tend to be platform agnostic. Means, you can run them on more than just the Salesforce platform and consequently keep your options open. Moreover, Salesforce has developed a strong and welcoming community of users and enthusiasts who are always happy to help and collaborate to drive change and innovation.

Is it possible to make integrations with Salesforce?

Of course! Salesforce has an open API (Application Programming Interface) provides integration with all the popular systems used by the business such as marketing, finance, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, etc.

Where more custom solutions are required, it is possible to use an integration platform or create a custom code for the integration.

To sum up, nothing is almost impossible within the Salesforce platform.

What happens after getting Salesforce for your business?

Salesforce provides thousands of capabilities within the platform but what you need is hand on tailor-made solutions to your needs.

This is where implementation & consulting partners like Vesium come into the picture!

Using our methodology and best practices we can help you adjust the system to make it user friendly and effective for your team.

Why you should work with a consulting partner for Salesforce

To make sure getting premium advice by certified Salesforce consultants who know the platform and the products inside out and how to adapt them, you need certified partners and consultants.

One of the things you should take into account is that Salesforce consulting partners are professionals in their field.

They probably had hundreds of implementation projects and they’re good at taking a picture of your current challenges and solutions.

Also, you should focus on what matters most for your business instead of shifting internal focus to allow for a huge implementation project. Let the specialists take care of it for you.

Consulting partner, fine! 3 things you should take into consideration:

☑️ See partner’s certifications to understand their skilled areas
☑️ Review their customer success stories, referrals and testimonials
☑️ Make sure your RFP is as detailed as possible to frame the project scoop

How about Vesium? 😇

As a Salesforce implementation & consulting partner, we offer our services to help you implement Salesforce products or customize your existing solutions.

Working with a partner helps you overcome the challenges as the complexity and scope of the platform does require a certain expertise to make the most use out of it.

In this case, we guide you through the solutions that are best fitted for your organization, help you set it, and walk you through the process. Our services consist of customization, development, advisory, integration, mobile, and lightning migration.

As being a small business ourselves, we do understand and appreciate the challenges you’re likely to face. So, we are your trustworthy friend & long-term partner for strategy, process consulting, and implementation with a focus on digital transformation.

For us, EMPATHY is the key to success.

As we’ve been providing our customized services for more than 15 years, we found our inspiration through listening & understanding.

That’s why we want to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce by setting you up to achieve your business goals. Just as unique as your business!

How our customers see the value of Vesium

🔸 We design & develop a unique solution within SF that they can totally rely on.
🔸 We make them scale with a structured cloud-based setup
🔸 We boost their productivity with a transparent system.
🔸 We help them say goodbye to unconnected spreadsheets.
🔸 We increase consumer retention through continuous testing & measuring.
🔸 We help them increase ROI as outsourcing is advantageous than hiring an expert in-house.
🔸 We help them focus on growing their business cause we do the rest through our flexible and scalable solutions.
🔸 We give them peace of mind on resolving issues with our SF gurus by reducing downtime.
🔸 We never give the promises we can’t take.
🔸 We’re based in the two hearted business centers in the world; Amsterdam & Turkey.