Salesforce Brings a More Connected Partner Experience (November 2020)


More Personalized Partner Community Experience

In the Partner Community, you can learn, grow, innovate, and lead throughout your partner journey with the world’s #1 CRM company, Salesforce!

Salesforce’s main goal has never changed as it is to create a common platform, equally accessible for all partners, regardless of where they are in their partner lifecycle.

Now Salesforce brings a more streamlined approach for an ideal partner experience!

It’s about building a new community, leveraging new features as they arrive, and stay tuned for the next two years, as this transformation definitely take some time.

November 2020 Updates: Salesforce Partner Community

Right out of the gate, we improved upon features in the Partner Community that enable you to gain better insights and supercharge your growth. We are launching two critical enhancements to the Partner Community:

👉 New Trailblazer Scorecard for More Strategic Decisions

Salesforce created a new Scorecard for partners with unified and transparent visibility into how to program metrics will be calculated beginning in March 2021, so that we all can take key actions to manage our business.

For more information, check out the Partner FAQ Pocket Guide for a New Partner Community Experience!

👉 Enhanced Content Search for Discovering Content Immediately

Salesforce developed more accessible self-service search functionality to empower partners to generate personalized results via an enhanced user interface.

They also improved their content strategy to provide more accessibility and personalized results via an enhanced user interface.

With the updated navigation, it is now more relevant for building new customized campaigns to connect with our customers, reach new audiences, and grow our business.

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