Salesforce Experience Cloud Best Practices! (Personalize Your Customer Journeys)


What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud is stepping aside for the new kid in town: Experience Cloud!

As you may know, the old good Community Cloud helps you build more communities with portals, help centers, forums, sites, and mobile apps and as it stands for helping you to provide many types of experiences, now we call it Salesforce Experience Cloud!

In a nutshell, Experience Cloud helps you build digital touchpoints to engage with customers like websites, portals, and mobile apps and digitize your business processes faster than ever before. Now, you can use Experience Cloud for all the magnificent features you’ve come to cherish with Community Cloud.

The Urgency to “GO DIGITAL” is Super High During the COVID-19

These days, due to the pandemic outbreak, digital transformation is a must-have urgency for a lot of business out there! 

So, the digital experience is vital for businesses to survive, and customers expect to intuitively interact with companies online without an effort.

Digital transformation is all about an innovative way of building a customer experience! Read our case study to learn how we helped Workinton to transform digitally.

Through digital experiences, businesses enable their customers to connect with them digitally by encouraging them to take action on which channel they’d prefer.

So, our jobs to be done is to make this leap into the all-digital world, and make sure we do it properly!

3 Facts of Providing Better Digital Experiences

The three requirements and facts below about today’s business landscape in digitalization drove the Experience Cloud mission and roadmap.

Reconsideration Current Experiences

You should definitely update your current methodology and approach faster to adapt to what’s changing with your business or market trends. You should encourage yourself and your team to adapt to new market trends.

Personalization for Better Customer Experience

Customer interactions need to be personalized and actionable — which is only possible when connected to CRM data and business processes that empower customers to take action.

Driving Multichannel Customer Journey

And finally, every single one of these touchpoints needs to be consistent across a multichannel customer journey. The moment a customer feels like they left your ecosystem, they are highly unlikely to come back.

4 Most Important Features of Salesforce Experience for a Better Digital Experience

Building Community

On Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can provide a responsive and customizable portal where users can easily access articles, update their information, and create and manage cases and claims.

Connecting with Your Customers

Empowering users by driving customers to self-help features such as a knowledge base, self-service portal or forums is not a headache anymore thanks to the Salesforce Experience Cloud!

Empowering Business Teams

On Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can create an employee portal to connect remote teams and boost engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Growing Partnerships for Your Business

Salesforce Experience Cloud gives you the chance of creating a complete channel management solution for you and your partners.  You can accelerate your sales channels by connecting directly with resellers, distributors, and partners.

How to Connect Your Experience with your Customer Data?

Integrate Your Data wit 3rd Party Systems

Pull in data from Salesforce, third-party, or legacy sources. Easily link it to Experience Cloud functions like leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns, and custom objects.

Build Personalized Experiences

Tailor experiences for each user type using CRM data to define audiences and target users with personalized content.

Design for Every Device

All digital experiences are 100% mobile optimized and fully responsive for an easy-to-use interface wherever you go.

Increase Onsite Engagement

Recognize your most active members with custom profile badges. Enable members to endorse each other for specific skills and expertise.

Track & Optimize Your Site

Measure, analyze, and optimize your experience with customizable Lightning dashboards in the Experience Workspace.

Keep Answers Organized & Accessible

Access all information with autogenerated topic pages. Collect discussions, files, groups, and experts into a single page.

Would you like to Learn More About Leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud For Your Business?

By leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can use powerful data insights to drive more engagement with customers and constituents and we can help you with that

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