Vesium can help you increase ROI with Managed Services for Salesforce.
Boost Your ROI with Salesforce Managed Services

With the Salesforce ecosystem expanding at such a rapid rate, many companies have the challenge of staying on top of all the latest features and functions. Today, customers are more demanded than ever before, and providing support is essential to survive in this hugely competitive environment. Especially if you’re a part of a growing company,

Salesforce Sales Cloud for SMBs
Why SMBs should trust DATA instead of OPINIONS?

Most of the time from our clients that have not yet implemented a CRM solution for their businesses, we saw many other missed opportunities around their revenue growth! In this case, we examined their main motivation around the way they did business and after deploying the digitized processes for them, here is what we learned

April 2021 Release Notes Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Ready for the April 2021 Release on the Marketing Cloud?

The April 2021 Marketing Cloud release is on the corner! It will occur from the 10th of April to the 17th of April 2021. Here are some of the new features coming by the April 2021 Marketing Cloud Release: 💥 Customer 360 Connector with Tableau 💥 Interaction Studio Surveys 💥 Datorama Multi-Touch Attribution App 💥

Digital Transformation 2021
How to Transform Your Business in 2021 (e-book)

Successful Digital Transformation with Salesforce As technology becomes more sophisticated, automated processes show great promise for delivering new business solutions to serve customers better. Read our e-book to learn more about; Digital transformation How to apply digital technologies to your business with Salesforce, How we can help you adapt and deploy these technologies.

SMBs generating more ROI with Salesforce CRM platform.
How CRM Platforms Help SMBs to Generate 774% More ROI in 2021?

A lot of small business owners face some challenges during the growth journey as some of them achieve reasonable growth, but hit a glass ceiling. Others lack knowledge of scaling up and growing their business, some even feel slightly scared by the prospect. Today, understanding customer’s needs and motivations is a must-have ingredient of a

5 Reasons to Embrace Managed Services for Salesforce
5 Reasons to Embrace Managed Services for Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most effective and versatile business tools currently available. The use of Salesforce is continuously growing, making it easy to engage with customers.  However, frequent updates, new features, and even the initial transition of using Salesforce can be challenging and trick for many people. Without the proper support and maintenance, Salesforce

Digitale Transformatie Trends in Marketing
Marketingtrends om uw bedrijf te transformeren (November 2020)

Tegenwoordig is het tempo van marketing technologie nauwelijks bij te benen en is het gedrag van de consumenten ook onvoorspelbaar. Marketing bevindt zich momenteel in een transitiefase en wordt beïnvloed door technologische ontwikkelingen. Marketeers willen weten welke technologische ontwikkelingen impact hebben op hun functie en hoe de moderne technologie en data invloed hebben op de

Laatste Nieuw: Dreamforce 2020
Belangrijk nieuws: De virtuele Ervaring Dreamforce 2020

De wereld is veranderd, dus verandert Dreamforce ook.  Salesforce organiseert flagship conferentie dit jaar opnieuw, als Dreamforce To You. Dit jaar is het programma digitaal zodat deelname mogelijk is vanuit elke hoek van de wereld! Wegens de COVID-19-pandemie heeft Salesforce besloten om Dreamforce To You 2020 virtueel te houden. Deze virtuele ervaring geeft de Trailblazer-gemeenschap

Sales Enablement platform for smart selling.
How to Generate More Revenue by Increasing Sales Rep’s Productivity in Salesforce?

Do you know the fact that salespeople today spend less than a third of their time on actual sales while spending more time on administrative tasks surrounding sales and demand generation? Today’s modern & customer-focused sales teams are focused on providing value to prospects, coaching their team members to increase productivity, and building predictable business

2021’s Marketing Trends for Business Transformation

***This blog post has been updated on 17 May 2021*** Today, technology marketing moves faster and consumer behaviors are not that easy to predict. According to the 6th State of Marketing Report conducted by Salesforce; strategic priorities, challenges, and technologies transform the profession. In this case, these below are especially important to consider as businesses navigate from

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Vesium can help you increase ROI with Managed Services for Salesforce.

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